The Use of Organizers to Support Instruction

Table of Contents


Chapter One: The Importance of Organization
    • Organization Supports Higher-Order Thinking and
       Problem-Solving Skills
    • Organizers – Learning Tools That Support
    • Organizers and Learning-Needs Students
    • Organizers and Adult Education Programs


Chapter Two: The Specifics of Organizers and Advance Organizers
    • Think of an Organizer as a Map
    • Enhance Comprehension Using Organizers
    • How Organizers Differ From Other Tools


Chapter Three: CRAFTing an Advance Organizer
    • How CRAFT Differs From Other Organization Models
    • Create Content
    • Reveal the Structure
    • Acknowledge Relationships
    • Form Questions
    • Tie Content to Tasks
    • Some Frequently Asked Questions and Their


Chapter Four: Learning and Teaching, Teaching and Learning Supporting the Use of Organizers


Chapter Five: Classification and Categorization: Learning How to Organize


Chapter Six: Instructional Procedures for Using Advance Organizers



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