How to Use These Booklets

These booklets are a teaching tool. They support professional development. Individual instructors can read a booklet, follow the examples and procedures, and become a more effective instructor. They will be able to improve their support of student learning.

Although the booklets can be read and the techniques used by individual teachers, working in teams and groups is a better way to use the information provided. It offers professionals an opportunity to discuss ideas, modify information as needed, and get feedback from colleagues.

Teaming up with another instructor who has also purchased a similar booklet can further help the development of the instructional skills presented. Instructors are then able to bounce ideas off each other. They can support each other in learning the skills emphasized in the booklet. They can discuss ways to adjust and modify the instructional techniques while still keeping within the researched methodology. They can provide supportive, evaluative feedback following the use of the strategies, techniques, and or tool with students. They offer each other a sounding board to discuss the instructional methods. In addition, they can truly support each other as they move towards positive instructional change.

A final way to use these booklets is by forming a professional development group. Directors, supervisors, and/or instructional leaders can have each teacher purchase a booklet. However, they could also purchase a number of booklets for all group participants. Once read, the director, supervisor, and/or instructional leader can guide a group through discussions and activities using an accompanying Power Point presentation and brief leader guide that are also available. This method can truly support instructional changes that support student learning. It can support systems change within an instructional program. It can help students stay in class, reach their goals, and move forward to their next venture.