Sturomski & Associates provides support in the following areas:


Program Evaluation and Strategic Planning – Creating and Improving Adult and Literacy Education Programs; Establishing Training Priorities and Methods For Adult Educators and Literacy Professionals.


Training – Providing Training On, For Example, Effective and Efficient Instruction; Reading Instruction; Learning Disabilities: Definitions and Issues; Screening and Assessment; Reading, Writing, and Math: Creative Intervention Practices; Advance Organizers; Employment and Workforce Education; Self-Esteem and Social Skill Issues; Accommodations and the Americans with Disabilities Act; and Retention and Motivation.


Sturomski & Associates is dedicated to supporting educators and literacy providers in improving the lives of their students.


By bringing a variety of skills and a wealth of experience to program evaluation, strategic program planning, program consulting, training events, and workshops, Sturomski & Associates supports a major objective of adult education and literacy programs: helping individuals - especially those at-risk and those with special learning needs - experience success in their lives.


With more than 30 years of direct, hands-on experience in education including programs relating to individuals with special learning needs, Neil Sturomski brings creative, practical ideas for strengthening adult education and literacy programs.


Depending on the needs of your project Sturomski & Associates, if necessary, will assemble a team of other experienced professionals to address specific issues and provide additional skills.

Featured Booklets


The Use of Organizers to Support Instruction

Teaching Reading


For instructional leaders: Guide your group through discussions and activities using accompanying Power Point Presentations and Leaders' Guides that are also available.